Saturday, September 17, 2011

A new website!

Hi Everybody-
I just wanted to let you know I have a new blog/pic website. Check it out for the latest pics and stories about our family! Also if you wish to be added to my monthly pic albums that I send out and are not already receiving emails from me, please let me know and I'll add you to the list.

Here's the link:

Hope to see you on the new site!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mom's surgery and Addison 9 & 10 week highlights

God has been throwing us many curve balls this off season. Between Addison's miracle heart, Adam's work lockout, building a house, trying to sell a house, raising 2 kiddos under the age of 2, and then me having to get my gall bladder taken out, there's truly never a dull moment in our lives. Yesterday I had to go in for surgery to get my gall bladder taken out, since it's not working and causing me a lot of pain. They say it's very common in women who just had babies to have gall bladder issues and have it removed. The surgery went well, however recovery was a little rocky. I was very nauseated for hours afterwards, but after hours of sleep I finally started to feel somewhat normal. The gas inside is uncomfortable, but am doing really well after having surgery not even 24 hrs ago. Thankfully my parents took the Tike until things calm down a bit. Addison turned 11 weeks on Monday and continues to light up our lives. Here's a quick update on our little princess!

Addison 9 & 10 week highlights:
-Stayed with 5 different babysitters when M & D had to go to the hospital because Mommy was having stomach issues.
-Moved to the 4 hr schedule! We tried to move her to it last week, but she clearly wasn't ready. So we waited a couple days and just like that she told us she was ready (not a good day of naps and eating). We said we'd try it again and just like that she changed her eating and napping schedule, followed by her best nights sleep!
-Addison sleeps from a little after 8 till 6-7 and then with a quick bounce and rock she's back to sleep until 7:45 when she eats breakfast.
-Spent some good quality time with M & D lately. Big brother is at Gma & Gpa Mc until Mommy gets better, so she's been getting spoiled with all the attention.
-Loves being outside!
-Spent a Saturday afternoon with the Brusches on the lake. Rhonda finally got to spend some time with me and I just enjoyed chilling/napping in the shade right by the lake.
-Goes about anywhere and everywhere with M & D.
-Turns her head to voices and follows people really well.
-Gives the biggest and cutest gummy smiles:)
-Wears size 1 diapers.
-Wears 0-3 months outfits.
-Eats an average of 5-7 oz.
-Is turning into our little noise machine. She makes the cutest little noises.
-Loves to stair at the ceiling fan and lights.
-Is beginning to really laugh and is such a happy baby:)
-Has so much hair! Everybody always comments on how much hair she has. Its now grown over her ears and her bangs are almost in her eyes.
-Is a wiggle worm. Always moving her arms and legs.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."- Romans 15:13

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jr 23 months & Addison 8 week highlights

(written on 6/22/11)

As we stay busy chasing around one kid and snuggling with the other, the weeks just seem to be flying bye. On Monday Addison turned 9 weeks, yesterday Jr turned 23 months, and tomorrow I turn 26! Our babies are growing oh so fast and it truly is a blessing to watch them discover the world everyday. Here's the latest on both the kiddos.

Jr @ 23 months:
-Is full of life and all boy!
-Loves to drive anything and everything!
-Is pretty good at driving and steering his 4 wheeler through the house.
-Took his 19th and 20th flight when we traveled up to WA to see Grandma & Grandpa Carriker.
-Went bowling with Grandma C and Daddy. Did pretty good using the bumpers and slide for the ball. Bowled a 73.
-Got to ride on the 4-wheeler ride with Grandpa C and Daddy. At first wasn't quite sure about it, but after he got on it, he loved it!
-Loves going on the boat! Has fun driving and playing in the boat. He is really well behaved on the boat.
-Spent a weekend morning with Uncle Mark, Aunt Gina, and Aleah riding around on the boat and playing in the sand.
-Went tubing for the first time (went 4 mph). Looked like he could have fallen asleep while leaning back on Uncle Mark.
-Celebrated Addison's baby dedication with everybody.
-Loves to give Addison lots of hugs and kisses! The 10 sec holding sessions has now turned into a couple minutes and if you take her away before he's done, the tears begin to fall.
-Is a copy cat and repeats a lot of what Adam and I say.
-Puts 2-4 words together really well.
-Sings "Twinkle, twinkle" (on his own) many times during the day!
-Counts the stairs while climbing them (slowly making it to 20).
-Likes to watch his movies and will go sit in front of the TV and say "Movie on."
-Is pretty good at using manners (please and thank you).
-Waves and says "Hi" and "Bye" to everyone and everything. Ex: "Hi Dog!" "Hi Boat!" and then just "Hi!"
-Would do anything to be outside all day long. Has thrown a couple tantrums because he has to stay inside.
-Enjoyed a long weekend at the farm with the McBride clan.
-Really enjoys playing with Jenna or as Jr would say, "Enna!"
-Got sand in his crack at Lake Mac! Had fun playing in the sand and water with the kids.
-Went kayaking (we call it a boat) with Jenna and Daddy in the lake.
-To make a long story short, Jr was super thirsty as we left the lake after a long day (part of it was on the farm for a nap); anyway, the extra milk somehow ended up in the other pickup and he kept asking for milk to drink, so mommy thinking on her toes, says "Why don't we just use the breast milk I have in the cooler." And what would you know, Jr gobbled it down like a milk shake. Adam and I had to switch places, so he could drive and I could pump more milk for both him and Addison (who was apparently starving too). Somehow he ended up drinking it out of a bottle too. I love these priceless memories and will truly never forget this crazy adventure with my family!
-Went on a go cart ride with Papa McBride. Loved every minute of it!
-Loves to be outside on the farm. Doesn't matter if it's playing in the shop, garage, or riding some fun vehicles around, if he's outside he's happy!
-Drove around on the mower at the farm.
-Loves to jump and go crazy on the trampoline in the basement!
-Loved to just sit in the basement at Mama and Papa's and play with the big old metal tractors that Mommy and her brothers used to play with.
-Got his very own big and little tractor while back on the farm.
-Played with Jenna driving around the little battery operated gator and tractor. They also splashed in her little water play yard. He wasn't quite sure at first, but then was having a blast falling and rolling around in the water.
-Experienced a rain and hail storm at the farm. Wasn't quite sure about the hail, but just wanted to be outside. Loved splashing in the mud puddles afterwards!
-Throws most balls (& some toys) with his right, however switches to his left occasionally.
-Really enjoys playing at the park and going down (and up) the slide. Still is not a big swing guy though.
-Seems to be launching everything through the air lately.
-Will ask to "play" with you.
-Has this thing where he takes his socks off and then says "Socks off" (repeated at least 5 times). Although the instant they come off he wants them back on and we hear "Socks on" (repeated at least 5 times). Such a crazy guy!
-Favorite toys right now: we call it his firetruck (it's a little car he can ride around and makes a siren noise like a firetruck), tractors/trucks, puzzle block, and some toy balls.
-Has a new game where he rides his "firetruck" around and then is chased and chases mommy who rides his "zebra". Loves this game!
-Still sleeps and naps like a champ (8-8 and 12-3)!
-Loves to pose for pictures. Will even say "Picture" when Mommy gets out the camera. Turned bear's head the other day so he was facing the camera and not looking at him........priceless!
-Likes to go for rides in his wagon, which is occasionally called a "Boat!"
-Loves to say "Yellow" and when asked what color something is, 98% he'll answer with "Yellow!" and then just laughs!
-Finally eating chopped up fruit and not the pureed form.
-Is all boy in so many ways. Lately he's been laying on the floor and on all fours pushing his trucks & tractors all around.
-Wears size 6 diapers and mostly 3T clothes.
-Shoe is 8.5 wide.
-Calls Grandma and Grandpa "Mama & Papa!
-Celebrated Father's Day with Daddy and Papa Mc!

Addison at 8 weeks:
-Sleeps through the night! Goes 8-7:45am with feedings and sleeps from 8:20ish to 6 (when she wakes up on her own); however she goes back to sleep easily and then isn't up until 7:40ish. Is on 1:15 schedule during the day.
-Moved up to size 1 diapers!
-Is now in 0-3 month clothes!
-Usually has a head band or bow in her hair to tame it down a little. People always comment on how much hair she has; so fun and pretty to do things with.
-When on her tummy she manages to scoot backwards.
-Loves to smile:)
-Turns her head to voices and makes good eye contact with whoever is talking or holding her.
-Went to the farm, Ole's and Lake Mac for the first time.
-Got to spend some good quality time with Mama and Papa Mc while at the farm.
-Sleeps best with noise around.
-When holding her she supports her own head and lifts it off your shoulder for a few seconds.
-Is starting to make cute little noises. She can barely be heard since brother is pretty loud.
-Is such a snuggle bug! Loves to be held and cuddled with. Calms down almost instantly when she is picked up.
-Eats about 4-5 oz when she takes the bottle. Prefers to nurse over taking the bottle.
-Ate 6 oz two feedings in a row while on the farm.
-Celebrated Father's Day with Daddy and Papa Mc!

Addison's 2 month (9 week 2 day) measurements:
length: 21.5 in (15%)
weight: 10 lb (30%)
head: 15.6 cm (75%)
*note- nurse was really quick on taking measurements, so might not be completely accurate.

Jr's 2 month (8 week 6 day) measurements:
length: 21.5 in (7%)
weight: 11 lb (34%)
head: 15.5 cm (37%)

“The LORD will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”  -Psalm121: 7-8

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jr 22 month & Addison 5-8 weeks updates

I can't believe how fast time is flying bye, probably because both kids keep me hoping all day long. We’ve been busy playing outside (in almost perfect summer weather), enjoying our boat, water skiing, having something going on almost every weekend, traveling, watching the Tike pick up on new things every minute. Our life is truly exciting and a real blessing right now, so much to be thankful every time I wake up in the morning.

Yesterday we enjoyed a morning at the lake with the Polanskys and an evening playing at the park. I feel so blessed when I look at my life and family! Everyday I tell myself, today is the day I’m going to catch up my blog and then life takes over and it gets put off for one more day, but not today. So before Jr turns anther month and Addison hits more milestones I better post a quick update on the precious kiddos.

Jr @ 22 months:
-Spent some time with Papa and Mama on the farm. One time for Daddy’s birthday weekend (we went to Estes to celebrate) and then another time when Addison came down with a terrible cold which landed her in the hospital (we’re pretty sure Jr was the one who shared too many things with his sister).
-Loves to talk and repeat words. He has turned into our "lil copycat!" This has become quite entertaining to say the least! Classic example: We're walking into the bathroom to brush his teeth one night and he slammed the door open, I simply said "Jeeze!" and so he said "Jeeze!" And almost every time we go to brush his teeth, he'll slam the door open and say "Jeeze!" Oh the things kids pick up on and to think I only had to say it once!
-Jr is really good at saying 2-3 (sometimes even four) words together.
-He is our noise machine. He's constantly making noise whether it be laughing, screaming (for fun), talking, riding his toy car around, singing songs, throwing a fit, or just running up and down our hallway, one thing is for sure this kiddo is full of life!!!
-Wears size 6 diapers! We officially have the smallest and biggest diapers you can buy in our house right now (preemie to 6).
-Loves his riding toys.
-Is intrigued with how things work and go together.
-Jr is still fascinated with wheels and cars are by far the most popular thing to point out on our walks.
-Takes daily walks with the whole family. Rarely will he ride in the stroller; he’d rather play with rocks and walk/run alongside.
-Knows how to get the mail and has to get it no matter what on our daily walks. Quite interesting trying to explain there is no mail on Sunday.
-Loves being a big brother! He truly can't kiss and cuddle with his sister enough. Sometimes he gets a little excited and rowdy when he's around her, but for the most part he does really good being "Nice" to her.
-Talks about Papa (Grandpa McBride) driving tractors and thinks every white vehicle is Papa's.
-Thinks every little girl he meets is "Enna (Jenna)!"
-Loves the camera and to have his picture taken!
-Weighed 33lb when we went to the dr.
-Shared a little too much with his sister and she ended up in the hospital with Bronchiolitis. All the kids are healthy and doing great now after a couple runny nose weeks.
-Is finally eating solid fruits on a daily basis. For the longest time Jr would only eat fruits in the pureed form, but finally started eating bananas, pears, and apples. Really wanted a bite since Mom and Dad were eating it.
-"A bite! A bite!" Ask for a bite all the time if he sees you eating/snacking on something
-Thinks anytime we sit down to eat at the table is for a "Snack." Still trying to explain breakfast, lunch, snack, and supper to him.
-Started watching his videos again. Sits for about 10 min (15 at most) and then he's off.
-Jr is fascinated with learning and would chose a book over most of his toys.
-Knows almost all of his Baby Can Read words. Very impressive that he's not even 2 and if shown one of his words he can read it to you.
-Likes to sing his ABC's and count 1-10. He's working on 11-20 and actually getting pretty good at those too.
-Has most of his colors down. Loves to say "Yellow" all the time.
-Has some good dancing moves!

Some other notes about Jr:

-Loves to ride in our boat! He loves to pretend like he's driving and goes from seat to seat.
-Went on the tub for the first time yesterday. Wasn’t quite sure about the whole experience, but just laid back on Uncle Mark while the boat pulled them.
-Just moved up to a size 8.5w shoe (from a 6.5xw). He was constantly saying "Shoe off, shoe off." Which turned out to be his way of telling Mom and Dad that my foot is squished. 
-Cries anytime he has to come inside from being outside. Knows his shoes on mean we're going outside and brought Mommy 2 different pairs the other day while he pleaded to go outside.
-Jr and Mommy like to place the chase game on "Horsee" and his toy car.
-Still loves on his sister all the time. He's always giving her kisses, hugs, and asking if he can hold her (for longer than 10 sec now).
-Love to wave "Hi" and "Bye" lately.
-Does great at the gym and church day cares. Also does great with all the sitters.
-He likes to get super close to Addison face and tell her "Hi" while waving to her. Both Mom and Dad wonder if he wonders why she doesn't ever say anything back to him.
-Is so much fun right now and is a constantly reminder to live, laugh, learn, and enjoy life!

Addison at 5, 6, 7, and 8 (tomorrow) weeks:
-Addison is a really great baby. Adjust to whatever situation she’s put into. Addison's personality seems to be really laid back and easy going!
-Has enough hair to wear a barrette. Could wear one to hold her bangs back at one month.
-Had her baby dedication May 28. Close family and friends came to celebrate this joyous occasion.
-Nurses and takes the bottle really well. Eats around 3-4 oz consistently. Usually takes the bottle twice a day and nurses the rest.
-Went 7 hours at night at 6 weeks and then the whole night 2 nights ago. And just two days ago she slept through the night. Normally she goes down around 8-8:30, wakes up somewhere between 1:30-3 and nurses for a little bit, and then is good until 8 for her first feeding of the day.
-Goes on the boat with Mommy and Daddy all the time. She does great the whole time sleeping away and enjoying the swaying motion of the boat.
-Moved from preemie diapers to Newborn.
-Is starting to fill out newborn size clothes.
-Weighed 9lb 3oz at a dr visit when she was 7.5 wks.
-Had an accident that caused a black eye; she still looks as cute as ever!
-Smiles :)
-Is starting to make some noises, but nothing compared to her brother.
-Always looks around with her bright big blue eyes when she hears her brother making noise talking or banging his toys.
-Takes at least one nap in her crib. Naps 4 times a day.
-Loves to have her hair washed.
-Hardly cries and is a really good baby almost all the time.
-Recognizes Mom and Dad.
-Is showered with love from Mom, Dad and big brother.
-Goes with Mommy and Jr to help Daddy workout 4 times a week.

-Went on her first family trip and airplane ride at 6.5 weeks. Went to visit Grandma & Grandpa Carriker up in Washington State. Did great the whole trip!
“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?” -William Arthur Ward

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A couple pics from time with the kids, A's birthday, the hospital, 1st tub bath

Let's go Daddy!

Hair before a bath!

Hair after a bath! Give it 2 minutes and Addison has a fro again!

Nanny Mink & the kids

Daddy's 27th Birthday!

Estes Park with Mom
Estes Park with Dad

Sleeping during the duck race!

Mommy's Mother's Day gifts!

Bubbles! Jr's big brother gift from Bill and Nancy!

Addison in the hospital with Bronchiolitis.

Beautiful even in the hospital!
Big brother at the hospital. Loved looking at all the rocks outside the window.

More tubes, lines, and monitors!

All smiles:)

Getting ready to go home!

Going home!!!
First bath in her big girl tub!

Mr. Fix It & Mr. Lil Fix It!